Hi Pam
My vet knows he called me to see if it worked. I had to wait for the meds in the mail and I had ordered the equiwinner patch before seeing your site so I tried that. That had the magnesium in it. After the 10 days dosing he did not need the net that much but still doing the shaking but less. That is when I started the dex pulse. Within the two days you could see improvements and after the four day he is no longer shaking his head at all. No net at all now is used. He is going beautifully like before. I did change his bridle as I told you which also relieves pressure on his face nicely.

You can definitely use this on your page. It really works!!

His next dose is to begin on 8-3 thru 8-6. The show is 8-21. Do you think I can wait longer to cover the show like if I start on 8-13 thru 8-16 or start earlier then 21 days to hit better timing for show. His first dose was on 7-9 thru 7-12.

Thank you again. I felt hopeless when he was diagnosed because he looked so bad. You gave me hope!!

I have video of Finn week before he started shaking then when he began the video is short but unbelievable to view it is the same horse.

Thank you so much


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I wrote to you earlier about our 6 year old gelding that started Head shaking last fall. We felt encouraged and supported then with your information because no one seemed to know what was wrong with "Elliott" and thought that he was being disobedient. It was nice to have information to guide us when we knew that it was not a behavioral problem. Well, in the late fall, after we got the information from your site, his symptoms stopped, so we didn't get to try the Dex therapy. Well, 5 days ago the Head Shaking started again. So, we did the Dex treatment for the 4 days and I am THRILLED to report that yesterday(day 4) my daughter took Elliott on a trail ride, and only a couple of minor tosses. Then today, we had lessons where he was worked W/T/C and did jumping and all(for over an hour), and NOT A SINGLE toss!!!! Thank you so much!!!! Honestly, we can't thank you enough... this has probably saved our horses life!
Fyi, it was our vet referred us to your site.



I have been having a lot of success using a Cashel Quiet Ride mask on Parker while riding him. It seems to quiet any symptoms - like rubbing his nose. It is just another tool in the arsenal.
Thanks Pam


Jammer’s Journal

It all started in August 2011, Jammer was quietly standing under a tree one minute and the next he was throwing his head up and down so severely I was afraid he was going to hurt himself. We went through all different scenerios: did a bee or bug of some sort sting him in the mouth or nose, did he have a pinched nerve, a sore tooth? There was only one thing we could agree on, something was seriously wrong with my gelding. He was so agitated he would give up eating and just run in the barn and stand with his face in the corner. Jammer was only 6 when this started. He is a black overo with a bald face and blue eyes and he is deaf just like his daddy was. We started by calling our vet who came out and checked his mouth and nose under sedation and ended up floating his teeth because he had some sharp points. Of course this didn’t work and he then tried anti-histamines and bute and finally he said he was at a loss and didn’t know what to do for him. We called in a new vet after a few weeks and he did a chiropractic adjustment on him. About 3 days later Jammer seemed to be getting better, it was fall and we thought we had found a cure. We rode Jammer that winter and in March 2012 his tossing came back. I was devastated. I started reading everything I could on-line about his symptoms until I found Pam Neff’s website. I forwarded this new information to my vet and with his consent we started DPT therapy on Jammer along with a magnesium supplement. We also had a UV blocking mask on him during daylight hours. It has been a long haul, and I had many doubts, after 4 months of treatment Jammer was still tossing and rubbing although not as severe, but I was hoping it would be gone magically by 4 months. Finally around 6 months of faithful treatments he had almost no symptoms. I started riding him slowly, with a few nose rubs in the beginning but no head tossing. Now we are back in the arena sorting cattle every week and he loves it. I don’t know what this spring will bring but I am hoping for the best. I am enjoying time with my healthy horse again. Thank you Pam for dedicating your time and knowledge to helping others out with similar problems.



I have an Andalusian cross gelding that exhibited signs of HS for over 4 years, getting worse each year. In February 2012 I bought another horse as it seemed I would have to retire him. I tried expensive fly masks, nylons on the nose, integrated equine therapies, etc. He was most effected in the afternoon and would stand in a corner and hide his head. Sometimes he was too unsafe to ride - and I never knew if it would be a good day or a bad day. He also suffered from serious fly allergies and frequently had summer sores on different parts of his body (not just the belly) Two years in a row he had one on his penis and I bought a huge belly-band contraption to try to keep him comfortable)

I read the online information about Dex pulsing last spring. I contacted my local vet and provided her with the information. We started in April 2012 and I was determined to try it for at least 90 days (3 treatments). I also gave him 5000 mg of magnesium daily and Hypericum which is supposed to heal bruises on injured parts rich in nerves such as fingertips and toes in humans. (Bought at Amazon.com) I was warned not to continue the treatment if he had an injury as his immune system would be compromised, but that hasn't been an issue.

He had improvement with each treatment but I was not sure if it was due to the dex or season change or what so I kept at it, because it was working. He has now been receiving the 4 days on, 21 days off consistently since April and I can't even remember the last time I saw him shake his head. I rode him all summer. ALSO - no summer sores this year! Thats the first time in 4 years I haven't been fighting those. (I also added Smartpak BUG-OFF as a supplement in the summer and will do so again next fly season)

My gelding is only 15. He is the best trail horse I've ever owned and I was sure I was going to have to retire him. Not so! I am thrilled every ride and also so happy to see him comfortable in pasture. I still carry a fly mask when I ride (just in case) and keep one on him all the time in pasture but its a safeguard. I have considered lengthening the 21 day "off" period to 28 days and see if it still works but honestly, now that I have a solution, I don't want to mess with it and have him suffer again. I wish I'd kept closer track of exactly what season he was worse and how long it took to work - but all I can say is - its a cheap solution to a horrible problem and well worth anyone trying it for 90 days if it can provide relief for their horse.



Thank you, THANK YOU!!!!! We are suffering along with our horse with Headshaking. Our journey began when our daughters beloved mare died suddenly 7 months ago and after tons of time/energy looking for her next horse we fell in love with a beautiful body and minded 6 year old gelding in May. Then suddenly in the beginning of September he started these violent episodes of headshaking. EVERYONE told us it was behavioral and that this is what happens when a child(13years old) has a horse and that we just need to "send him forward" but we knew that there was something else up.... he wasn't himself. It was like Jekyll and Hyde. He would panic under saddle and was very dangerous, and it was like he temporarily wasn't really there. We researched and researched and found a vet who would help us, and have now found your site. Thank you so much for all of your work! My daughter finally got her 1st ride on her horse, yesterday and this morning(before school), since September!



Just a quick case history. I used the pulse-therapy on my mare over the summer of 2011, my vet gave me prednisolone in sachet form. She had one full course, and I have removed her bit and she is now ridden bitless (I believe the original damage was from her constantly train-pulling on a kimblewick bit and thus damaging the under laying nerve) she has been shake free all year, the first time in 7 years, and only slightly light sensitive on very summery days. At the start of 2011 I was going to have her put down in april 12 so that she would not have to endure another summer.



Thanks for asking. We gave him a four-day pulse in early June and he has not exhibited symptoms since. We are waiting to see if the autumn season brings on symptoms again. Since he first presented with headshaking in May this year, we are still finding our way with treatment. I would prefer to give him as little medication as possible. I am greatly comforted to know we had success with the pulse treatment and can give him quick relief when he starts to show symtoms again.



The inhaled medication we are using is Advair (I actually use that for my asthma!). We were giving him 10 puffs a day for 10 days and it worked amazingly well. No sign of head shaking in bright sun, wind, dust although we are keeping the face net on as well.

We backed him off to once a day and started to notice symptoms again so we are now back up to twice a day. Advair has both an anti-inflammatory as well as a steroid.

Will keep you posted but we had a great result giving it twice a day.


However, now that I think about it - I am wondering, if Pam indicated at least 6 months of treatment, and CP said it took 5 months, should I start treating him in January if we decide to go with the DPT, since he typically begins to exhibit symptoms as early as May/June? Hmm.

That's exactly what I did. I started at the end of January and had results by the end of May. I honestly didn't think it was going to do a thing, but was worth a shot. I also thought it didn't make sense for it suddenly to kick in after five months of use. And it wasn't even during one of the four days on that she had her first good day. It was actually about a few days BEFORE I was about to give her the dex, during the 21 days off. I do follow Pam's directions to a tee and am afraid to change things up. Why mess with such a good thing? I did try to space out the time between being on dex, but I did find she got worse.

I just have to push how wonderful this drug is for my headshaker over and over again. It saved her life. I don't get tired of saying that!

Clever Pony

How high of a dose of dex did you try? For how long?

I ask because with my mare, it took five months of the drug to kick in and only at the high dose recommended by Pam Neff. My vet looked at me strangely when I told her the dosage. But it saved my horse's life.


Thanks for all the helpful info as per our phone conversation today! Also, thanks for all the great work you do and share on your website on behalf of the horses afflicted with headshaking syndrome. Your concern and willingness to share your knowledge is greatly appreciated.

You asked me to write you regarding wanting to be part of a petition to allow nose nets for headshakers in competition. I would definitely like to sign that petition!


I gave him the dex between 7 and 8 ( 9 at the latest) in the morning. He is actually doing good but wearing the nose mask all the time : this winter he was great with no mask but it started again in march so I just put the mask back on and just leave it there
I'm joining a photo of him during his last dressage test : hope it's not too heavy to open . He's wearing his "competition" mask (white) the "every day" mask is black and more heavy. The french riding federation allowes the mask now in any type of competition which show the growing number of horses with this problem.


Congratulations on the study. I read the results and they were impressive, as I expected.
I have not started Toby back on the Dex, as he is slightly symptomatic and I have not been able to start riding him this season for various reasons not his fault.

When I gave him the pulse, it was in the evening, only for convenience.

Thank you for sending the results. You have proof now that this is groundbreaking stuff and I'm looking forward to this being mainstream practice for headshakers.


Karat is doing fantastic! We went to a big 4 day show in California earlier this month, it was snowing here the day we left and in the 70`s when we got there. I was very concerned that with the sudden heat, sunlight, dust and stress from showing something might get triggered, but NOT SO!!!!


Leggo started showing some HS symptoms last week (Thursday) in an evening turnout. It had been around 5 weeks since his last Dex Pulsing according to my daughter. My daughter started a pulse the next day and he has been symptom free since. I saw him Easter Sunday and he looked REALLY GOOD. I think we might have to pulse him every 5 weeks. We hope the Dex continues to provide such GOOD relief.


Am just learning about this syndrome as my new horse shows all the signs. This is the best site on the net Ive discovered thus far. THANK you for doing your research, involving other experts, and taking a scientific approach. I will keep learning, and I hope you keep providing and sharing!


Well I can now say that the treatment is working - I am so happy.

On looking at my notes I can see that the first effect that started to appear after the 3rd treatment was the lessening of my horses desire to rub his nose badly. Then the extreme head flinging lessened especially after the 4th treatment and now after the 5th there is no head shaking at all, just fantastic!

I have one more treatment early Jan which will be high summer for us, so if he was going to head shake the worst months are Jan, Feb & March.


We started him on the Mag Restore magnesium several weeks prior to the Dex Pulsing and have seen some remarkable improvements but I am not sure how much it helped his Head Shaking. The Dex definately is helping. This gives me hope.

Ashley (Buddy)

On week 3 on the MagRestore 30mg. We've seen a huge improvement already!! :) Especially in his overall confidence, he's gone from the bottom to challenging the lead horse at meal time. We've been keeping a weekly video journal monitoring his progress. So far I've noticed that his symptoms aren't as pronounced and take longer to come on than before where it was instantaneous with me riding. If there's anything specific you'd like me to journal I will gladly. You've already helped us so much!!


This is a message long overdue; something I should have written well over a year ago. You saved my horse's life. Pure and simple. When he began showing symptoms, I was completely in over my head and had no idea what could possibly be wrong with him. We tried everything from medical examination to addressing training issues, and I was ready to give up on him. Out of despiration, I sent you some videos of my horse and you were kind enough to take the time to view them and respond back to me. With your affirmation I was able to seek treatment for my horse. We competed through the 2010 and half of the 2011 show season before I outgrew him and sold him to a young lady whom he is now teaching to ride, and whom loves him with all of her heart. He is a happy fellow now, and it is all thanks to your kindness. So, again, thank you for saving this horse's life and giving him a second chance.


Hi Pam,

Update on Dancer: he has had no headshaking symptoms since I got him back from you. I’m still giving the dex every 21 days: thought I would continue to do so til late Fall when not so hot and sunny, then reduce either amount given or lengthen the period he goes without it....maybe to 30 days rather than 21 days? What do you think?

Dance went to horsetrainer a month ago to refresh his riding since he hadn’t been ridden in last 9 months. He’s doing very well and I get him back today.

Dance is such a pet/family member, can’t wait to start riding him myself again. Trainer really likes him, he’s so gentle. Still haven’t been successful teaching him to stand tied, but I did not want his training sessions to be stressful so I asked trainer to put that off for this year til he’s riding well and maybe on reduced dex....didn’t want to cause relapse due to excessive stress. And Dance is so gentle, it’s not a REAL problem that I can’t tie him and walk off.....

Thanks again for saving my boy. Best wishes Deborah

Karen C.
Gainesville, FL

Thanks and kudos to Pam for pairing me with Parker (an 11 year old head shaking thoroughbred gelding) and for seeing us through his headshaking times. Pam first introduced us last year and it was love at first sight. Pam had taken in Parker as part of her study and work with headshakers and I was in town temporarily and looking for a horse to lease. Pam paired us and that was that.

Parker’s headshaking was triggered by wind and other possible causes and was full-blown when I started riding him. It could be quite distracting, and there were days when he was unrideable. He would toss his head under saddle and sometimes just stop and rub his nose against his leg. Pam started him on regular Dexing and along with a lot of TLC, he has become a new person. His headshaking has all but disappeared. We had a recent minor episode and Pam immediately started him on a Dex cycle and the symptoms disappeared by the next day. He continues to be symptom free and he is a different horse than he was a year ago. I am enjoying this lovely animal and look forward to our first show this summer.

Thank you Pam!!!


"I do the 3 day treatment. The last couple of rounds we have spaced wider than 4 weeks. Last time we went 7 weeks and this time we are on week 6. His behavior starts to change when its time for the dex... he starts to get tense and overreactive under saddle. It goes away within two days of getting the dex, though."

Double D Acres LLC.

I found your website VERY professional and helpful, and full of great information for someone new to the issues of headshaking. I have been showing horses since I was 8 years old, and this is the first horse that my husband and I have ever owned that has had the headshaking syndrome. We were very glad to happen upon your website!

Dex Pulse Therapy

Just wanted to let you know that Dante is doing awesome again (kept him). Will be on the 3rd round of Dexmeth next week. It seems to have had an overall effect on him. He is experiencing a sense of physical well being that I have never had with him before. I don't think we'll know until next spring if the headshaking/spring allergies are better. I still ride very early in the am as he is completely intolerant of flies.


Dear Pam

I just have to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU and THANK YOU! I cannot say it enough.

My riding school has a head shaker and a few months ago it all of a sudden became incredibly intense and he was unable to be ridden at all. He had been predominantly ridden by the same rider who rides him wonderfully. But not even she could manage. She was devastated as the vet who owns our school tried many different options (a variety of drugs/steroids etc.) that would supposedly work to no avail. The option of euthanasia started being talked about and it was then that I did some serious research on the internet and found your site. I told the owner of the school and our instructors as well as my friend who rides him.

As per the info on your site, he was recently fitted with a nose net and it worked like a dream!!!! We are all over the moon!!! I think i can safely say that you've single handedly saved River Stone's life and offered my friend, Margie who loves him dearly a second chance.

Thank you so much for doing all your hard work for these headshaking horses. I'm not sure where you are based but please know that all the way here in Cape Town, South Africa you've helped us fix a problem we all thought was unfixable.


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